From Copenhagen to London, a new adventure.

My time in Copenhagen in January was especially productive this year.
Besides finishing 16 canvases for the show I had pushed also to get my new this new website done.
Then I needed to find a resin product that would compare the the resin I am using the the US. So I researched and came upon a UK resin manufacturer. I got my first order of MasterCast 1-2-1, a product especially formulated for artists. I then started to apply it and was thrilled. After all these years working with resins I had issues with bubbles, crawling dimples and fumes etc. This product has none of that. So here we go! I then asked if they had US distribution and before I knew I was in London, trying to get this product to the US at wholesale prices and quantity. Shipping is a killer but it is definitely worth it!

This is Aram Friedrich the owner of Eli-chem, the manufacturer of MasterCast 1-2-1 and myself in a Gallery in Guildford, Surrey. January 2014






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