In my landscape paintings I have explored a wide range of concepts. Traditional, abstract, geometric, contemporary and surrealism. I feel most drawn to the sublime endless horizon line and it appears regardless of how hard I try to defy gravity and have no horizon line. I have painted professionally for 12 years and have completed and sold over 2300 original works, on paper, canvas, and board. Utilizing mediums from ink, to oil, acrylic,resin and metal patinas.

My landscape paintings range from abstract landscapes to geometric pattern explorations. Lately I am back at abstract contemporary seascapes, including of gold leaf and resin finish. As I am painting I express my current mood of stillness or a mighty storm, rain waves, weather as I become the master over these elements developing on the canvas.

My paintings are moody with a tint of melancholia. Inadvertently a sense of longing is provoked, sometimes disturbing but yet familiar and soothing.