Bronze Sculpture: Working in figurative sculpture, I am challenged by one of nature’s most complex and beautiful forms the human body. I chose to cast my work in bronze as I have always had a love for metals. In my work have refined the human figure to basic and almost geometric forms. I love to use the human form to portray an emotional idea or story. Giving life to my subjects by capturing their innermost emotions, I express my own romantic longings. My romantic couples embody their unique body language and in their unison they display an emergent emotional expression. With simple lines and planes I work to capture the essence of these gestures.

In the studio : I have studios in several countries and that is cause to some challenges. I work in Copenhagen, Santa Fe and also used to work in Germany. This is my gallery in Copenhagen, It is more cleaned up now, then I worked in the gallery facing a busy downtown street.

Custom work : This is a simple custom work example. More complicated family constellations are possible too. I have for example created a school class for a teacher with 24 different children they all had their own unique expression. That was quite a challenge. I wished I had an image! Below is a a quick overview of a “family of four”.

Work in Process: The wax model .The customer wanted a “Dad” with straight legs, the “Mom” with crossed legs, a 10 years old girl with skirt looking legs and a smaller boy. They liked what I created and I sent it to the fine art bronze casting company. This is the little family after it came back from the foundry, has been chased and welded to finish. It still needs sandblasting. Here is the little family with a rustic green patina, also their faces and knees are polished. The base is New Mexico Travertine. They are not mounted and can be played with. This family in wax with a dog was quite a challenge as I really only had a couple of images of their dog. I had to get the dog to look like theirs but still keep my contemporary freel.

Various Sculptures :